Administration Characteristics

The administration

It is characterized by being multidisciplinary, flexible and binding .

It is about directing, governing and governing a company, office or institution. This may or may not be the property of the manager.

It encompasses the planning, direction or control to achieve a specific objective using economic, material, human and technical resources using tools.

In the same way, it is a science that is governed by a scientific method to develop theories and concepts, and in turn carry out tests about effective ways to achieve objectives of the organization that is administered.

Like any science, it impacts the human population because its bad or good actions have an effect on the development of an institution , family, company or government.

Administration characteristics.

  1. It is an important tool to achieve high efficiency at work , the management of government assets, people or companies.
  2. It is universal , because it exists in any place where a social, private or public organism is present.
  3. Work is done in different fields for the proper functioning of institutions and distribution, and in turn the use of resources.
  4. It has a hierarchy . There are different degrees within the administration.
  5. The administration relies on other sciences that are related to work efficiency such as: sociology, law, economics, anthropology, among others.
  6. It is called science because it has an accumulated body of knowledge that includes, theories, principles and knowledge.
  7. It aims to publicize the performance of organizations and contemplate a group of rules.
  8. It acts according to the current requirements of a company .
  9. Its flexibility is important because the accelerated changes and the great demands of the market force the development of a great capacity for adaptation at all levels.
  10. It is instrumental, this is a means to achieve a correct and effective functionality of the social organism to which it is applied.
  11. Each member of the organization helps the achievement of the organization .
  12. In the administration a distribution of roles is necessary .
  13. It is intangible , it is a process that is only evaluated by its results.
  14. The manager must possess knowledge , skills and qualities.
  15. It has a temporal unit , all the parts that are present in an administrative process work simultaneously.

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