7 Examples of Nanotechnology

The nanotechnology examples that we show in this article are evidence of how advanced science is when it comes to building novel materials.

What is nanotechnology?

First of all, the meaning of nanotechnology is: The use and manufacture of extremely small materials, which can only be seen on a molecular scale.

This type of technology works with the nanometer as a unit of measurement, being applied in various fields such as physics, chemistry, medicine, mechanics and engineering.

It is required for the creation of advanced artifacts, as well as the modernization of many that already exist.

Examples of nanotechnology To satisfy human needs!

1. Applied in the field of medicine

There are many applications of nanotechnology in medicine , really impressive because they have helped humanity fight disease .

For example, there are nano-treatments to deal with cancer , HIV Alzheimer’s 

On the other hand, to protect the human body against diseases, nanosystems were created that are injected into the body, this is known today as vaccines.

Another of the characteristics of nanotechnology is that in the future it would help combat aging by means of nanoparticles.

These would affect the body’s molecules to extend life expectancy in humans.

2. Energy creation 

We add to the benefits of nanotechnology , the fact of promoting the manufacture of solar panels that produce more sunlight, converting it into electricity.

Thus, it allows to reduce costs, in addition to saving energy through the thermal insulation of certain nanocomponents.

3. Have you heard of nanosurgery?

It is that science reaches places where nobody thought, now, Swiss scientists work in nanosurgery by means of a robot.

They propose that it will be a small robot, which will be handled magnetically and will be able to operate on the patient without using the scalpel, that is, without opening it.

In this way, he would only inject a small needle into his body to be able to operate on him, incredible isn’t it? The robot called OctoMag is still under development.

4. Food Almost everything we consume!

In this area, there are many examples of nanotechnology, specifically, when nanocomposites are used to increase thermal and mechanical resistance.

In turn, the nanomembranes allow the disinfection of water, while a nanodevice allows the refining of the oil.

This process also reaches food packaging in order to improve the quality of the container, all this is possible thanks to the incorporation of nanoparticles.

5. Clothing

The use of nanotechnology today allows for the manufacture of surprisingly advanced garments.

Now, smart fabrics are being developed that help keep clothes from staining or wrinkling.

Also, they allow the materials of our garments to be stronger and lighter for greater comfort, an example of this is sportswear.

6. For the protection of the planet

The nanotechnology for the environment has also been a breakthrough and achievement of science, allowing purge air through ion.

The same happens with wastewater, purified by means of nanofiltration systems (ordinary filters).

The creation of nanocatalysts helps chemical reactions stop producing so much pollution and reduces the appearance of other environmental problems .

7. Cell phones, tablets, computers …

The nanotechnology in electronics is present in equipment crowded by people, including phones, tablets and computers.

It is through this modern technology that we have more efficient microchips due to their tiny size, for example, the chips that contain telephone lines.

Likewise, it allows the creation of quantum nanowires, these tend to be more resistant and lighter, allowing technological advances to be made more easily.

In the latter case, it is thanks to these cables that today there are televisions and smartphones with flexible screens. 

Importance What does it imply for human life?

It must be taken into account that it can intervene in the chemical and biological compounds of all living beings .

That is, through nanotechnology, scientists can modify the DNA of people, animals and plants, even programming it to perform biochemical functions.

Other uses

The nanotechnology examples listed above are just a small sample, however this goes much further.

There are other surprising cases. Nanotechnology allows the creation of vaccines through nanoparticles to protect the health of livestock.

In turn, with nanotechnological equipment, garbage can be completely eliminated and they also serve when making pesticides, pesticides, fertilizers, among others.

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