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7 Examples of Healthy Breakfasts

These examples of healthy breakfasts constitute the stimulus that the metabolism requires to obtain energy and the necessary nutrients Upon awakening, they become the first meal, so it is essential that the body receives it. 

In relation to completing the night fast, it is about preventing the slowdown of the organism. Therefore, a person who does not eat breakfast does not perform his daily tasks in an optimal way.

After a long period of fasting, the body has enough wisdom to increase its energy efficiency, optimizing expenditure by reducing the daily calories required.

Several hours of fasting cause blood sugar levels to drop , but fortunately there are examples of healthy breakfasts that counteract this.

Delicious examples of healthy breakfasts for all palates

1. Cooked oatmeal with fruits

Both oats and fruit are 2 of the best “friends” to speed up the metabolism, while providing energy to the body and keeping us healthy.

Likewise, breakfasts where both ingredients are present are very easy to prepare. It is not advisable to use instant oatmeal, because on several occasions it contains sugars and few nutrients.

2. Fruit and oatmeal smoothie

The smoothies have earned a place of honor in the examples of healthy and nutritious breakfasts , because they involve the mixture of fruits with other ingredients of high nutritional content.

Thus, this recipe includes a serving of fruits in combination with half a cup of oat flakes and a cup of vegetable drink or skim milk.

In this case, the use of artificial sweetener is not recommended, but honey . Many people dispense with both ingredients, because the banana provides enough sweet flavor to the smoothie.

3. Mushroom and egg burrito

For its part, this dish fits within the examples of healthy breakfasts for adults , especially for those who love salty breakfasts.

It only takes a tablespoon of olive or grapeseed oil, chopped mushrooms and an egg, finally a whole wheat omelette.

4. Omelette: the omelette with vegetables

The omelette or omelette with vegetables is the best breakfast to enjoy all the benefits of vegetables, because its main ingredients are onion, spinach, red and green peppers.

Similarly, it has other nutritious ingredients such as olive oil and eggs, along with fillings such as beans or small pieces of avocado.

5. Pancakes

On the other hand, pancakes (also known as hot cakes or pancakes) are part of the most popular examples of healthy breakfasts for teenagers .

It has ingredients such as powdered oatmeal, mashed banana, egg and low-fat milk, and its most common companions are fruits or a natural smoothie of any of them.

6. Whole wheat yogurt bread 

This option predominates in the main examples of healthy breakfasts to lose weight , because both whole wheat flour and yogurt are recommended foods for this purpose.

In the same way, it contains healthy herbs such as oregano or rosemary, and other beneficial ingredients for our health such as olive oil.

7. Sandwich

Many people eat sandwiches in restaurants, perhaps unaware that the homemade sandwich is more beneficial for their breakfast. 

This is because the ingredients used at home are healthier and more nutritious, such as olive oil, whole wheat bread, tomato, and low-fat cheese.

Is there the ideal breakfast?

Namely, there is no ideal breakfast, but there are many different options. If the task is to eat a healthy breakfast, this work corresponds to real and real food.

In other words, processed and ultra-processed foods are not the most convenient in that regard. Frequent consumption of them brings various problems to our health.

With regard to breakfast, this first meal contains sufficient energy intake for the activation of metabolism, promoting the proper functioning of the body.

Once breakfast is skipped, energy reserves are gradually depleted. As a result, extreme feelings of weakness and fatigue suddenly appear.

Along the same lines, different investigations revealed that skipping breakfast promotes weight gain, because the body’s hunger is voracious and it eats anything in a hurry.

Final notes

Generally, the anxiety to eat after skipping breakfast, causes the person to go to foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates. They do not bring you any benefit.

When the body decreases the necessary daily calories, it falls into a trend of energy “saving”, which in the future will lead to overweight.

As previously mentioned, fasting causes low blood sugar levels: people who fast lose their ability to pay attention and their performance slows down.

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