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7 Examples of Flexibility

A term that encompasses different points of view, one of which is the ability of objects or people to bend without hurting themselves. It is also the quality that a person possesses to adapt to changes or adjust to the norms of a place, according to their interests. These are some examples of flexibility.

Likewise, it is a concept that can be applied in the workplace by giving certain comforts to workers or in the plastic arts with certain materials.

Common examples of flexibility In sports!

In general, when talking about flexibility this term is associated with sports activities .

These are the most recommended, taken from experts in the field. 

1. Thighs and hips Get ready!

This is one of the most effective flexibility exercises to ward off back pain.

You must lie on your stomach, then bend one leg and take the foot with the hand on the same side.

Then stretch your leg as far as you can without letting your thigh stop touching the ground.

Repeat this same exercise with the other leg. 

2. Help your knees to be more flexible!

Hold onto a chair so you don’t lose your balance, then bend your left leg back until you can grab the ball of the foot with your right hand.

Gently stretch the foot back and you will see how the heel will touch the buttock, you must last at least 20 seconds in this way.

Repeat the same with the right leg. 

3. Say goodbye to lumbar strains

The flexibility in physical education is ideal for certain relieve pain, for example, lumbar.

You should sit on your side with your right leg stretched out and the left slightly tucked, then lean on your left forearm on the floor.

Your right arm should go over the head and bring it to the left side so that the whole body is stretched out.

4. The bridge Ideal for yoga!

Some examples of flexibility are used in yoga , this consists of stretching the spine, chest, neck and shoulders.

After lying on your back on the floor with your knees bent, you should lift your pelvis and torso towards your shoulders.

The latter must be stretched down so that they rest on the ground.

While, you will have your gaze on the ceiling, arms very stretched and above the surface.

5. Relax the body

Open your arms allowing the chest to stretch and breathing is more comfortable and fluid. 

For that, you will drop your body on the left side leaving the legs and arms extended and aligned with the trunk.

Finally, rest your head on your right arm.

6. A movement that relaxes the shoulders and neck

First of all, sit cross-legged and place your hands on top of your knees, then turn your head and hold the pose.

Repeat this exercise at least four times turning your head from side to side.

7. Test yourself!

The importance of flexibility in this case is to enhance physical health .

Try raising your arms one by one, as high as you can and know how flexible you are.

Other ways to be flexible

There is something called labor flexibility , it consists of monitoring the rights of workers so that they are more protected and generate more jobs.

On the other hand, we have flexibility as a value , which has to do with accepting ideas from third parties, adapting to new challenges and being positive, above all.

The examples of flexibility also lead us to talk about the cognitive area, that is, when a person is able to apply the knowledge acquired in certain situations.

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