7 Antivirus Examples (2021)

The best way to protect the computer is to avoid the infection of its software and for this, these antivirus examples will be useful. 

What is an antivirus and how does it work?

An antivirus is a program that performs various functions such as identifying malware , evaluating the state of your computer and the possible threats that could put it out of service. 

Therefore, keeping your computers in optimal working order leads to the installation of a program that identifies other malicious software. Here we suggest the best antivirus of 2021 .

7 examples of antivirus (2021)

1. Avast 

One of the best software to detect computer viruses and that you can download for free is Avast Free Antivirus 

This program debuted in 1988 in the world of defensive software and is highly recommended by experts. 

On the other hand, it has several functions that characterize it as one of the best antivirus, such as antiphishing and the analyzer of web pages and emails 

Likewise, Avast has high compatibility with Windows 7 and 10, although the former has no longer provided security updates for two years. 

On the other hand, it has multiple advantages that are not limited if it is only downloaded for free, giving the option to buy the pro version in the future. 

2. Kaspersky 

One of the 7 antivirus examples for this 2021 is Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, being recommended by experts. 

For its part, it has a preventive function against possible threats or infected files, having an antimalware shield in all its versions. 

Depending on the compatibility, Kaspersky can work seamlessly on older, mid-range or small-capacity, low-capacity computers. 

Therefore, this antivirus provides updates for Windows 7, from security protocols to enjoying all the advanced options. 

Regarding the advantages of this software, the functions do not require more capacity and analyzes can be postponed or scheduled manually. 

3. Microsoft Defender

This antivirus program is patented and developed by Microsoft , being included in all computers, laptops and other equipment of the company. 

For its part, the basic options of the system in this software are excellent, in case the computer does not have more capacity. 

Likewise, Microsoft’s antivirus works in an integrated way with the Edge browser , the downside is that problems with other search engines persist. 

Meanwhile, it has various advantages such as firewall configuration and parental control , recovery of damaged files in a complete and safe way. 

However, updates are available only on computers with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system 

4. AVG 

Other recommended programs are AVG Antivirus Free , and even more so, for basic and intermediate users and with a Windows 7 computer. 

Although some antivirus have limited Windows 7 technical support, AVG is one of the programs that maintains this option for their respective users. 

Therefore, it offers security updates, thorough and exhaustive checking of files and folders on computers. 

Among other benefits, AVG offers free updates for operating systems below 7, an aspect that it can only boast along with Avast. 

5. Bitdefender 

The Bitdefender Antivirus Free has certain advantages when downloading, one does not require much space on the hard drive of your computer. 

Therefore, once installed it will not put limitations on mid-range computers. 

At the same time, it has a reliable system for detecting malicious files, in addition, it is easy to use and is considered one of the best antivirus today. 

For its part, it offers the user the free option, although the improvements are observed in the premium version, in 2019 it offered the anti-ransomware function. 

6. Avira 

This program has a wide search engine for infiltrated or malicious files (malware), in addition to it, it has the identification of hidden threats in real time. 

As if that were not enough, it protects the user from malicious web pages (phishing) and offers a range of options to manually detect viruses. 

However, some of the more advanced features or improvements can be seen in the premium or paid version of Avira. 

7. McAfee

Finally, McAfee antivirus is another of the best protection programs for computers and one of the most recommended. 

The McAfee LiveSafe version has extensive security features and options such as high performance, proven protection, and free and unlimited VPN 

However, this antivirus has certain limitations for users with an iOS operating system , especially the VPN and secure password functions are very basic. 

However, the options and the operation of the program are complete in the paid version and very limited in the trial or free version.

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