6 State Examples


We can define the state from two concepts ; one is the state as a way of being or a situation that a person or thing goes through and the other is the state as a political organization of a territory.

The word state, when it refers to political organization or military structures, is always written with. In the rest of the cases the word is written with the initial in lowercase.

Status example

  1. State as a political concept: it refers to the form of political, social and economic organization of a country.
  2. State of matter: refers to the molecular structure of a certain substance . It is applicable in physics and chemistry. According to the pressure and temperature it can vary between solid, liquid or gaseous.
  3. Marital status: is the condition in which a person is with respect to their affiliations. In these cases, the various types of marital status (single, married, widowed, divorced) generate rights and obligations with respect to the state and other people.
  4. State of exception: when a state of government faces a chaotic situation among its citizens , the government has the power to declare a state of exception, which is nothing more than the suspension of guarantees within the territory of the nation.
  5. Rule of law: these are the guarantees and rights based on a constitution or constitution, which is nothing more than the supreme rule in a country.
  6. Emotional states: refers to the emotional situation in which a person is at a certain moment. It can be happy, depressed, calm, frustrated, among others.

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