5 Plan Examples


When we talk about a plan, we refer to that guide that we have or carry out in order to carry out a task or fulfill a goal.

Its main function is to direct and direct a goal or project that we have set for ourselves, that is why a plan must be carried out in a thorough and organized way.

Plan examples

  1. Business plan: it is a guide or project that is carried out to manage the economic activity of a company, region, zone, country or even personal.
  2. Investment plan: it has to do with the direction and distribution of certain economic resources.
  3. Works plan: it is a guide that is carried out to guide the tasks or works that are going to be carried out either by a company or by the public administration.
  4. Study plan: this is the guide that is made to guide student work either for an evaluation or for the choice and progress of a study career.
  5. Pension plan : it is the structural plan that the state executes so that older adults, after providing their services for a long period of time, either to public or private companies, can receive income periodically. This also applies in cases of orphanhood, disabled widowhood, survival, among others.

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