5 Examples of Cross Selling

A cross sell is a method used by some merchants to get a person to buy several additional items to the one they originally bought with all the intention, because they complement the use of that item.

For example, if a person wants to buy pants and goes to a store to do so, it is very likely that the seller ends up recommending a shirt that matches that garment to make a set. If the person in question makes that purchase, a cross sale would be applied.

Types of cross-selling

  • Post-sale actions. The current trend in online stores is to try to persuade people via email to buy a product after having bought another.
  • Complementary products. They are those items that go better if you buy others, such as a monitor, mouse and a PC keyboard.
  • Product association. They are not complementary products, but rather they are in the same line of consumption. Normally in stores they place items that can be acquired by associating them with the same interest.
  • Complementary packs. They are those products that are sold together to be able to opt for a discount.

Examples of cross-selling

  • Buy a smartphone and acquire, in the same place, headphones and protective lining for the equipment.
  • Buy a lens cleaning kit along with a bag for a camera.
  • Buy a video game console and an additional controller.
  • Make a purchase on a website and acquire a membership to obtain benefits.
  • Go to a store for a dress and finish with the heels that go with that garment and a matching purse or bag.

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