5 Examples of affidavit

Sworn declaration

When we speak of an affidavit we refer to the manifestation or expression of will that can be made orally or in writing and the veracity of this manifestation or expression of will is certified by an administrative or judicial authority.

In this sense, when said authority intervenes , it gives the statement a certain value until the contrary is proven, that is, the intervention of the external agent invested with authority allows the statement to be taken as true.

In the legal system, the affidavit has great value and that is why various systems have adopted it. This is in order to streamline some legal procedures such as testimony from third parties or written statements that can perfectly admit evidence to the contrary.

Examples of affidavit

Affidavit of not owning a home

I_________________________, of legal age, of nationality __________________, identification number _______________________, and of this address. I hereby declare under oath before the competent authority, that I do not own any main home or dwelling under my name or through third parties directly or indirectly, for which I give authorization for them to verify all the necessary documentation in order to confirm the truthfulness of my testimony.

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