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A request refers to a request or diligence made by one person or institution to another. Requests are made in a polite and courteous manner in order to get approval of the request.

Through a letter or writing you can make a formal application for a job, a document, a requirement, a job, a meeting, an interview, among many other things. Some people call it a sample letter of instance. It can be used in the same way to be able to request a catalog or price list to fulfill a certain task.

Many companies or institutions make use of request letters to place certain orders. That is why, generally, there are already prepared application templates.

In other cases, for example personal or in the case of applying for employment, applications must be made in more detail and with good writing and writing in order to be able to impress and achieve what is being requested.

Application examples

1.    Job application

In atention

Company VINGEL, CA

Calle 32, warehouse 54

2019 Valencia


I hereby write to you in order to extend my congratulations for the great progress that the company has had and in turn I take the opportunity to make a formal request for a job interview in view of the publication of the search for personnel. .

In this sense, I attach to this application, personal documentation and curriculum summary in order to verify my professional profile and verify the information before completing the interview that I have requested.

Without further ado, it is up to you.



2.    Budget request

JUNGUL ​​CA company.

Central street crossing with juan jose


To whom it May concern

I hereby make a formal request for information regarding the new charge rates for reactivation of domestic mobile telephony and internet wiring services.

I make this request in order to have knowledge of the budget you manage to determine if your budget is the most convenient for our facilities. That is why I expect a prompt response to this request.

Without further ado, it is up to you.



3.    Interview request

In atention

Company POSTER, CA

Calle 543, warehouse 32

2019 Buenos Aires


Dear Mr. Juan Romero, General Manager of the company. I hereby cordially request an interview with you at the time and date that you deem convenient in order to propose a business plan that will benefit your company completely.

I would appreciate your most cordial attention and response to this request.

Without further ado, it is up to you.

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