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40 Examples of Foods Rich in Iron

General pale face, constant unexplained exhaustion (or pregnancy), hair loss, weak nails, frequent headaches, occasional dizziness, and low intellectual perception in; children, men and women of any age, implies a lack of iron in their body. Whether they have all, several or just one of these signs. Discomforts that you can eradicate and avoid, including in your daily nutrition, the 40 examples of foods rich in iron that we have compiled so that in addition to giving your body so much of this element it requires, you do it with a variety of foods to choose according to your tastes .

40 Examples of Foods Rich in Iron 

Iron-rich legumes

  1. Lentils
  2. Manto bean (white bean)
  3. Soy
Red meat and sausages rich in iron
  1. Veal
  2. Liver
  3. Ox
  4. Blood sausage

Iron-rich vegetables

  1. Spinach
  2. Parsley
  3. Thyme
  4. Chard
  5. Laurel
  6. Basil
  7. Rosemary

Iron-rich fruits

  1. Mango
  2. Bananas
  3. Blackberries
  4. Strawberries
  5. grated coconut
  6. Kiwi
  7. Watermelon

Iron-rich nuts

  1. Pistachio
  2. Dried figs
  3. Pumpkin seeds
  4. Sunflower seeds
  5. Almonds

Iron-rich cereals

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Beer yeast

Iron-rich spices

  1. Cumin
  2. Oregano
  3. Black pepper
  4. Curry
  5. Cinnamon

Iron-rich seafood

  1. Sardines
  2. Cod
  3. Anchovies
  4. Clams
  5. Mussels
  6. Oysters

Another example of a food rich in iron

  • Egg yolk

As you may have noticed, lentils and red meat are not the only foods rich in iron , there is also an extensive variety in all its kinds that you can use as; condiments, consume them in salads, in desserts, as appetizers, and fused in a variety of dishes, which also if you eat / mix them with other foods that contain vitamin “C” your body will absorb it faster than usual.

Poor diet, inability of the body to naturally and effectively absorb iron, and the low intake of this essential element for oxygenation of the blood, are the main factors that develop countless diseases, including some incurable and lethal. Consciously caring for and nurturing our body is the key to a long and healthy life, so this list of 40 examples of foods rich in iron should be kept on hand whenever you go shopping for groceries, and in view every time you go. to cook / feed.

If among the diners on your iron-rich menu is a pregnant woman or you are , you should consult your obstetrician which foods on the list you can consume carelessly, which others in a restricted way, and which definitely should not be ingested.

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