4 Authorization Examples

A letter of authorization is a formal document that is issued to express the will to provide, to a person or a company , the power to act on behalf of whoever writes and signs the letter.

An authorization is created when it is impossible for a person, on their own behalf, to perform a specific action in person .

In other words, when someone cannot go to a place where they must carry out a personal activity, such as collecting a debt, buying a product, exchanging prizes, among others, they can send another person with a duly written authorization and accompanied by a copy of an identity document .

These letters can also be used when a vehicle is loaned, when another person has to take care of a task that we normally did and whose formality required our presence.

Any authorization must be taken as lawful as long as its use does not violate the law and regulations of the receiving body.

When a document like this needs to be notarized, such as to withdraw money in a bank, legal representation, change of data in different entities, etc., it already becomes a power of attorney.

Authorization examples

  • Example 1

Santiago de Chile, May 24, 2018

Metropolitan University


I Carla Gómez. With identity document number: XXXXXXXX I authorize Pedro Carvajal, with identity document (XXXXXXX) to register on my behalf and collect all the documents that I need to keep.


Carla C. Gómez.

  • Example 2

Caracas, June 10, 2015

For the attention of the director of the Pío XII school, Mr. Armando Carrizales

I, Carmen Álvarez, with CI: 8.939.149, I AUTHORIZE my son Carlos Martínez, enrolled in the Pío XII school, in section 2. of Cs «A» of the 2014-2015 school year, to make the end-of-year trip, which will take place on August 11 this year, to the city of Nueva Esparta.


Carmen Alvarez

Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx


  • Example 3

Barcelona, ​​September 16, 2016

I, Pedro García, with ID: XXXXXXXX, in full power of my mental aptitudes, but unwilling to travel or move due to a picture of illnesses.

I AUTHORIZE Mr. Guillermo Perdomo, with DNI: XXXXXXXX, a family lawyer and totally trusted, to cancel the bank account of which I am the sole owner, and to withdraw funds by means of a check payable to me.

And so that it takes care of my will, I leave evidence by means of my signature and I attach medical documents.

Pedro Garcia.


  • Example 4: Simple model

City, full date

To whom it may concern / AUTHORIZATION:

I, (name of the represented), with identity document number ___________, authorize (name of representative), with document number _________, to carry out (process) on my behalf. I attest to the trust I have in him for this purpose.

Full name of the represented.


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