25 Examples of Theme Parties

The holidays are part of the moments of recreation that every human being must have to overcome the onslaught of day to day. Regardless of the reason or occasion, the holidays can be a great time to share with family or friends.

The theme parties are those that are based on a figure, character, country or any other element used to decorate a certain way and, in many cases, ask guests who are dressed in a particular way . All this in order to make a celebration different from the usual, in which people highlight the reason why the particular theme was chosen.

The most popular themed party in the world is the Halloween party, which, although it is a tradition in certain countries, is a true example of this type of party.

Examples of theme parties

  1. Party on Parisian life.
  2. Pirate party.
  3. Party of some Disney movie.
  4. 70s or 80s party.
  5. Hawaiian party.
  6. Party for rockstars.
  7. Beach party.
  8. 1920s party.
  9. Food and drink costumes.
  10. Black and white.
  11. Traffic light party.
  12. Mexican party.
  13. 60’s party.
  14. Spanish party.
  15. Arab feast.
  16. San Valentin’s party.
  17. Halloween party.
  18. Christmas party.
  19. Emoji party.
  20. Harry Potter party.
  21. Game of Thrones party.
  22. Foam party.
  23. Fluorescent party.
  24. Vintage party.
  25. Sports fan party.
  26. Otaku party.
  27. Party pop culture characters.

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