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20 Menu Examples for Fructose Intolerance

The fructose is achieved in fruits as a simple sugar and is ingested so sucrose, which is a molecule consisting of fructose and glucose what is known as a simple sugar.

Most people who suffer from fructose intolerance do not know what diet they should follow in order to overcome this case.

20 Menu Examples for Fructose Intolerance

  1. Allowed sugars are: glucose syrup, maltose, saccharin, acesulfame k.
  2. Fruits and fruits: avocado, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, lemon and lime.
  3. Vegetables and vegetables: Swiss chard, fresh broccoli, spinach, potatoes, they should consume little celery, watercress, chard, lettuce, cucumber, cauliflower and cabbage.
  4. Legumes: chickpeas, lentils, peas.
  5. Cereals: oats, corn, potato starch, rice, white bread, pasta.
  6. Fresh meat, fish and chicken.
  7. Fructose-free milk, natural cream, cheeses and yogurt.
  8. Vegetable oils, butter.
  9. Drinks mineral water, chamomile tea, mint, cocoa and coffee.
  10. Condiments and aromatic herbs vinegar, salt and yeast.
  11. Breakfast: fructose-free latte or lime juice.
  12. Toast and butter.
  13. Lunch: toast sticks and yogurt.
  14. Food: pasta with ground meat, fresh cheese, bread and grilled chicken without skin.
  15. Snack: tuna with toast and unsweetened tea.
  16. Dinner: bread, a glass of milk, white cheese. Fish with baked potatoes or noodle soup.
  17. Breakfast: salt biscuits with an omelette and a glass of lime juice.
  18. Lunch: rice, grilled chicken breast and steamed potatoes.
  19. Snack: yogurt with pieces of fruit.
  20. Dinner: toast with white cheese and lactose-free coffee with milk.
  21. People who suffer from this symptom should always consume the right foods so as not to alter their body. Diets should generally be balanced and food can be interchanged so as not to get tired.

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