20 Examples of Hobbies


Hobbies are activities done with effort and dedication that are done in your free time, unlike the other things you do, it is that you do it because you like it, for this reason it becomes a leisure time , more than a job per se.

There are around 500 examples of hobbies as such , these can range from drawing figurines to collecting things. A specific and clear hobby can be a sport such as basketball or soccer and tennis, they are those where there are greater numbers of fans.

In a matter of taste, there is nothing written, it is only called a hobby to what is pleasant to do, this means that in reality any type of leisure can be taken as a good example of hobbies.

In addition, hobbies do not have a stipulated time for that , unlike study hours or work days. In the case of hobbies, a factor called “free time” or “leisure time” comes into play, since generally they are all carried out on weekends, vacations or a day where there are no responsibilities.

Hobbies as such can be very diverse, although certain activities such as listening to music are not a hobby in themselves, but if you do that activity consistently and every time you have time, you can turn it into a hobby.

There are no rules that indicate what is or is not a hobby .

An amateur person may have less, greater or equal capacity than a professional who stands out in that area, so it is not taken as an insulting sense when comparing them.

People in general who carry out a professional activity can also do it in an amateur way, that is, carry out their professional work by vocation.

Hobbies example

  1. To run
  2. Cooking: this is a very fun “ hobby ” that can be done with friends or family, it can also be enjoyed alone, as well as being productive. In addition, learning to cook and turning it into a hobby helps you develop more attention to the things you do
  3. Paint
  4. to sleep
  5. Playing an instrument: music relaxes and always fills our soul, in this way learning to play an instrument that we like, helps to become more fond of it
  6. Dance
  7. Write
  8. Play sports as a team
  9. To travel
  10. Go hunting
  11. Crafts
  12. Riding a bike
  13. To swim
  14. Hiking
  15. Go to the beach
  16. Go to the theater
  17. To ride a horse
  18. Skiing
  19. Fix cars
  20. Go camping

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