15 Examples of didactic programming

Educational programming

Didactic programming has its origin in education, and refers to the phenomenon in which educators of various levels and types, organize or program the didactics of the learning and teaching process.

It is basically to put in an orderly and meaningful way , with a logical knowledge, the activities to be carried out, the tasks, the objectives to be fulfilled, the resources and other data.

All these elements together, help to obtain a clearer vision of the teaching process and better analyze the results, as they are acquired. When we speak of didactics we refer to a process that represents learning and teaching understood as 2 necessary phenomena and correlative to one another.

Through didactics, the professional in the area of ​​education can establish links between the various types of knowledge and go in search of better methods to make them an accumulation of data or information accessible to the student.

That is why didactics can be defined as the way in which the teacher obtains strategies to carry out in the teaching process to ensure the learning of individuals who fulfill the role of students or learners.

Elements involved in didactic programming

It is the process by which the way in which these elements will be structured, organized and ordered throughout the corresponding collective cycle is programmed in the long, medium or short term .

In most cases, the programming covers an entire collective cycle that lasts approximately nine months. It is for this reason that in order to have a good didactic program, there must be countless variables that can be adjusted to the circumstances of the moment, the establishment, the students and the teacher himself.

Carrying out a didactic programming is not as easy as expected, that is why we will present some examples of it below.

Examples of didactic programming

  1. Primary
  • Infant education
  • Hearing and language
  • Therapeutic pedagogy
  • Physical education
  • Hearing and language
  1. High school
  • Economy
  • Physical education
  • Physical
  • Chemistry
  • Philosophy
  • French
  1. Vocational training
  • Electricity
  • Administration
  • Computing
  • Training and career counseling

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