10 Patent Examples


It is an accumulation of distinctive and unique rights granted to the innovator or inventor  of a new product or technology .

The new product at the time of being created, tends to be susceptible to commercial exploitation for a certain time to obtain in exchange the disclosure of the invention .

Patents are mostly granted for a specified period of time.

After the patent has expired, anyone can make use of the patent technology without the mandatory consent of the patent owner.

Patent examples

  1. The telegraph : device that received messages over a long distance.
  2. Light bulb or bulb : in the year 1880 Thomas Édison was granted patent number 223,898 for the creation of the light bulb.
  3. The toilet paper roll : Seth Wheeler in 1891 patented the toilet paper roll with the registration number 516.
  4. Submarine : In 1961, Harold Froehlich received patent 3,104,641 for an underwater vehicle that had the name Alvin, this allowed scientists to reach deep places and discover 300 new species of animals.
  5. Mouse : Douglas Engelbart in 1970 patented the mouse or mouse.
  6. IPod : Steve Jobs registered the patent 7,166,791 in 2007.
  7. Neutron reactor : the scientist Enrico Fermín in 1997 obtained patent 2,708,656 for his “neutron reactor”.
  8. Electromagnetic motor : in the year 1888, Nikola Tesla obtained patent number 381,968 for his motor.
  9. The machine that flies : The brothers orville wrigth and wilbur obtained the patent in 1906.
  10. Missile launch system : it was used in the Saturn rocket, it was created by Timothy eddins, it is part of the patents registered by NASA.

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