10 Examples of Understanding


The word understanding refers to understanding, accepting why things happen and justifying, that is, it is the ability to have cunning and aptitude to accept the reason why certain things happen.

We can also say that speaking of understanding is having enough tolerance and patience  in certain situations. That is why, an understanding person accepts and calmly acts in the face of a certain situation in the most calm and coherent way possible. In these cases, the emotions of an understanding person do not interfere with the action.

In this sense, we can say that every process of understanding deserves active action since it requires much more activity than any process of expression. For what to understand is to unite, isolate and identify in a coherent way the data available to be able to reach a real conclusion and understanding.

Not everyone has the ability to understand or understand certain situations on the same scale, so it is a task that deserves effort and mental and emotional intelligence.

Examples of understanding

  1. When a mother does not scold her child for an action that she does, but rather talks to him.
  2. A judge decides to give a minimum sentence to a person guilty of theft, because his action was due to lack of money for the school for his son.
  3. In the middle of a conflict, one of the parties sits down to mediate the situation.
  4. When a conflict is channeled, speaking peacefully.
  5. Accept the other’s opinion without it bothering you.
  6. Participate in a conversation about topics that are opposed to your beliefs and accept them without bothering you or judging.
  7. Participate in charitable aid for those most in need.
  8. Help someone learn a new trade so that they can work or undertake with that.
  9. Collaborate with neighbors in cleaning the community.
  10. Accept a person despite their flaws and weaknesses.a

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