10 Examples of short descriptions of a person

Short description of a person

When we talk about the term describe, we refer to the qualities that an object or person possesses that identify it . A description is responsible for listing, quantifying and calculating the qualities and virtues that can define an object or person.

A short description seeks to define and identify the basic qualities or attributes of a person . With a few words you can determine what or who you are talking about. The important thing in this type of description is to be as broad but specific as possible in the use of words in order not to use too many.

In order to achieve a short but efficient description of a person, you need to comply with a series of elements that we will show you below:

  • Presentation of the person to be described : the main thing is the presentation. A presentation must include identification, occupation and age, if any.
  • Physical description: physical features are another important aspect in a short description. Through it, the person will be identified in their physical appearance, naming skin color, hair type, height, clothing and at least one outfit or accessory that they commonly use.
  • Psychological description: it is the type of description that expresses how other people see the person to be described, for example, “he is a nice person”, “he has a sweet character” “his personality is cute”.
  • Finally, in order to finish the description efficiently, you can mention relevant characteristics or hobbies that identify the person who is being described.

Examples of short descriptions of a person

  1. She is María Fuentes, she is 27 years old and works in the administrative area of ​​the company GBGF, CA Her skin color is white, her hair is wavy and yellow, measuring one meter 45 centimeters. Many recognize her because she always wears a pink outfit and wears reading glasses. Maria is a very nice person and everyone appreciates her for her great charisma. Every time we go out together we go to the park because it is his favorite place.
  2. Pedro is a student at the University of La Paz, he is 18 years old and studies law. He is a boy with great charisma and a great attitude. Everyone knows him for being very friendly and helpful. His skin color is brown, he has light eyes and thick, curly hair. Whenever they see him in the university parks, he is surrounded by people and with a guitar singing his melodies.
  3. Samuel is a 7 year old boy, he lives in the center of the city and he likes to play with his friends from school. His favorite sport is soccer and he dedicates himself to it at all times after doing his homework. He is a very kind and charismatic boy with dark brown skin tone, straight hair, and light brown eyes. Everyone recognizes him for always walking with a soccer ball everywhere.
  4. This is Dona Juana, a 78-year-old granny with white hair and brown skin and lives in the most colorful town in the city. Her kindness and sweetness make this lady an exceptional person, always ready to help everyone. Doña Juana is also known for her traditional sweets, characterizing her as the milky sweet. Everyone who goes to town knows Doña Juana, the town’s grandmother.
  5. Pablo is a 17-year-old young man who works part-time at his uncles’ house as a carpenter’s assistant. He is a white boy with blond hair and light eyes with glasses, well educated and well behaved with everyone. Everyone knows him for being very intelligent and passionate about reading. Her favorite hobby is creating pieces out of wood.
  6. José, a grandfather with long hair and a white beard, is an 80-year-old man who loves to jog every day in the park where he lives. It is characterized by its charisma and good treatment of people. He is a jovial man who takes great care of his appearance and health. He is an excellent dancer so everyone in the sector where José lives recognizes him and always invites him to the town festivals. One of his peculiarities is that he always goes out with his chain watch everywhere.
  7. Erika is a girl with golden hair, brown skin and large, very expressive blue eyes. She is a girl of medium height, but her big heart and ability to make friends make her stand out from the rest. He is excellent at playing the piano and whenever there is a meeting or activity at school or in his family he always plays the piano, doing it with an ease that impresses everyone. Erika loves to play the piano and play with dolls.
  8. Mauricio is a 16-year-old young man who has been in a wheelchair since he was little. He suffers from a disease that prevents him from walking, which is why he always walks in his rolling chair. He is a young man with dark brown skin, green eyes and short wavy hair. His attitude and character in the face of adversity make him a born leader among his acquaintances. He practices sports for people with this condition and always manages to reach the first places.
  9. Luis is the supply manager. A 60-year-old adult with brown skin, brown eyes, and yellow hair. He is a person of strong character but always collaborative with others. Many know him because he is always giving advice to young people and helping them overcome their problems. Luis is a man who is always there for others.
  10. She is Juana, a 70-year-old lady, of short stature, dark hair, white skin and brown eyes. He is in charge of taking care of the dogs and street animals. Juana, as old as she is, likes to go for a walk and stroll through the gardens, always accompanied by her animals . Everyone knows her because she always walks with a pet everywhere.

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