10 Examples of Maps


Maps are one of the most effective tools when learning, teaching or memorizing something, and even to organize it is very feasible.

The usefulness of this tool for learning lies in its elaboration , since due to this brain skills such as the interrelation of ideas, synthesis, analysis, reflection and above all, a lot of creativity can be developed.

Its impact on society is its graphic and logical representation of information that produces a visual impact on its readers, facilitating their memorization and understanding.

Examples of maps

  1. Mind maps about continents of the world : It can help to make mind maps on various social topics. Here are captured data, figures and percentages on various areas of the world.
  2. Political map : it is a graphic representation that shows the division of the countries, localities or cities among themselves.
  3. Climate map : represents the areas of the various climatic groups in a region.
  4. Topographic Map – Contains detailed information on natural and man-made landforms of contour lines or ground surfaces. Here the shape, relief and latitude of hills and mountains are detailed.
  5. Urban map : registers the roads and urban areas.
  6. Edaphological map or chart : presents the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil to check issues such as pollution or desertification.
  7. Geological map : it is used to identify springs, ground faults, rocks, volcanoes, in the same way in areas where there are minerals such as silver, gold, copper, among several others.
  8. Geographical physical map : presents information on the orography, road network, hydrography and others of a geographical nature of a territory.
  9. Entrepreneurship mind map: it is the type of map that is done individually or in groups. Its purpose is to program the evolution and growth both personal and of a business or local.
  10. Mind map on language learning: here it is necessary that each subgroup of ideas have the same color, in this way it is known to which topic each branch belongs, for this it is important to know that the ideas must be placed in order.

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