10 Examples of Competition

Competition can be understood in two different ways; as a rivalry between two or more subjects, or as a human ability. Let’s see the difference from the following Examples of Competition.

Meaning of Competence Two meanings, the same word!

When we speak of competition, we may well be referring to either of its two meanings; Therefore, it is prudent to clarify what each of these consists of.

The first definition of the concept of competition refers to the rivalry, dispute, or confrontation between two or more subjects: animals, people, and even objects, subject to competition or choice.

In contrast, the second definition refers to the talentaptitude, or capacity of a human being, to carry out a specific task or activity.

So, both meanings can be used in the same expression, without any problem. For example, if we tell you that in a company two employees compete for the same position, and only one of them is competent, you will surely understand what we mean.

However, to avoid all kinds of doubts, let’s review the following competency examples, intended to facilitate understanding.

10 Examples of competition according to the two meanings of the term Pay attention! 

In the following, you will find a series of examples corresponding to each definition of the term. Let’s review them!

Examples of competence as a skill, in the workplace Labor competencies, are the capacities or abilities with which a professional is endowed. We present you the most valued.

1. Teamwork

It refers to the ability of an employee to work harmoniously with his colleagues, collaborating with them with ideas, delegating, valuing the opinions and suggestions of others; and more importantly, establishing dialogues that reduce or avoid conflicts.

2. Organization 

Organization, like responsibility, is a highly valued quality in any company or company.

The ability to prioritize matters according to their rigor know how to take advantage of time, as far as possible, deliver scheduled tasks at the right time, is a skill that not everyone has.

3. Data analysis capacity 

One of the skills that recruiters take into account the most when conducting a job interview, is that which refers to the analysis of information.

Companies not only need their employees to be able to interpret and process the information that is handled, they also usually require the generation of reports in this regard.

4. Ability to make decisions

Although employees are expected to be able to follow certain guidelines, companies also want to see signs of proactivity in their employees.

That is, they know how to resolve some immediate issues, without the need to be late due to having to go to the boss. Decision-making, and the ability to offer solutions, are undoubtedly valued skills.

5. Assertive communication

Very important capacity with which, definitely, all people do not have. There are those who express their thoughts, doubts, or disagreements, it is very difficult for them, and in the workplace, this is not productive at all.

The professional capable of communicating, assertively, their ideas, or of disseminating information in public, with precision and clarity, is generally considered for management positions, or those that imply leadership.

Examples of competition as competition, in the sports field

These are some examples, in which you will find a healthy confrontation, or what is the same, competition, between two or more people.

6. Soccer

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world ball. In this, two teams of eleven players face each other to achieve victory, around some referees who are in charge of enforcing the rules of the game.

7. Athletics

Athletics is a sport of strength and speed, which encompasses different disciplines, such as jumping, throwing, racing, and various events.

It is one of the sports included, since 1896, in the world Olympic Games, and consists of surpassing opponents in resistance, speed, distance, or feet in height.

8. Martial arts

Martial arts are understood to be all those traditional practices, in which a person must submit, or defend himself from his adversary, based on a certain technique.

There are various styles and schools, each employing a different type of weapon. However, these are some of the best known: boxingkaratejudotaekwondofencing, others.

9. Swimming

This is one of the most complete sports on a physical level since it requires the use and training of the whole body.

It consists of moving and moving through the water, either in a pool or in the open sea, making use of the upper and lower extremities. Generally, two or more swimmers face off to measure their speed.

10. Cycling 

Cycling is also a sport of speed and endurance, in which several bicycle professionals travel outdoor or indoor circuits, with the aim of reaching a goal.

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